Supply and Installation of Underground Water Tanks

Save space on your property in Mornington Peninsula, reduce storm water run-off and have regular clean water with an underground water tank supplied and installed by Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems.

Effectively capturing rain water, saving ground space, money and water, underground water tanks are a great investment. Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems install underground water tanks in all sizes from 2,000 - 20,000 litres. Our tanks are the best on the market and have a 15 year manufacturers warranty. The benefits are long term and the process hassle-free with Lodeveld's fully equipped expert team.


Underground water tanks save space above ground, especially good for smaller properties and allow clean water to be used on gardens or for washing. Our concrete or poly (polymer) each have their own benefits; e.g. poly tanks for their strength and varieties of shape, concrete for its known fire-resistance. Best installed before Winter, with our excavators and if required, Posi-track, Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems also have access to local free spoil sites, bringing further cost-saving benefits to your installation. Fully qualified to service and maintain your water tanks, additionally, we also provide a "red light" call out service for quick response repairs if ever required.

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