Septic Tank Pump Outs, Cleaning And Maintenance

Septic Tank Cleaing and Maintenance Mornington PeninsulaYour wastewater treatment system needs regular pump outs, cleaning and maintenance. Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems provide excellent after sales care and maintenance on new and existing septic tanks and sewage treatment systems in Mornington Peninsula.

Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems are fully qualified and Council accredited to safely pump out, clean and maintain you septic tank or sewage treatment system. Our new installations come with an after sales care and maintenance plan. We also pump out, clean and maintain all existing septic tanks and wastewater systems in Mornington Peninsula.


We carry out maintenance safely, hygienically and efficiently. Regular pump outs and maintenance for all types of septic systems should include scheduled de-sludging, cleaning and inspections. Fully equipped and experienced, our team will properly de-sludge and clean-out your septic tank, generally required every 3 - 5 years. A yearly inspection is also recommended to determine the depth of scum and sludge. Our new Super-Treat installations are inspected every 3 months in the first 12 months, as part of our after sales care. We will carefully carry out all checks and adjustments and replenish your tanks chlorine. As a further benefit, if a situation occurs where a problem is sensed causing a fault light call out, e.g. failed pumps, block-outs or low on air, Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems provide a free "red light" service for complete peace-of-mind.

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