Our Partner Super-Treat

Super Treat Sewage Systems Mornington PeninsulaSuper-Treat are Australia's premier wastewater treatment systems manufacturing and installation company. As an accedited agent of our partner Super-Treat, Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems exclusively recommend, supply and install Super-Treat's quality patented sewage treatment systems.

As the oldest company in the new generation on-site aerated wastewater treatment industry, Super-Treat provides systems throughout Eastern Australia and New Zealand. Their mission is "To provide for customers, the wastewater management requirements as demanded by approving authorities, in the most effective cost and technical manner."


Super-Treat systems use the principle of “aeration” for the reduction of septic tank effluent to an environmentally acceptable quality. Approved by local government health authorities in all Australian states and in New Zealand, Super-Treat domestic systems have many benefits including:

  • Enviro-friendly - safely recycles all wastewater into clean water
  • Saves water - treated water is recycled for use on gardens and lawns
  • Saves money - 2 -5 times more effective than conventional air blower systems

Meeting the high standards of Super-Treat, as fully trained and trade qualified for the installation and maintenance of sewage treatment and septic tank systems in Mornington Peninsula, Lodeveld have been appointed as the Super-Treat agent in Mornington Peninsula.

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