Installation Process with our Own Digging Equipment

Sewage System Installation ProcessWith our own equipment and highly skilled operators, Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems in Mornington Peninsula provide an all-in-one solution for sewage treatment and septic tank system installations.

Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems supply our own machinery, transport and equipment complete with expert operators to do the entire job from start to finish. Installations are complete from consultation, on-site assessment, providing a quote, obtaining the Council Permit, arranging the inspections and organising the team.

Sewage Treatment System Installation Process

Our expertly operated equipment includes excavators, Posi-track loader, tipper, compactor and vacuum tanker. The process is seamless with minimal disruption and your tank/s will be neatly buried on a downhill slope away from your building with only the lid visible above the ground. After the permit is obtained, the process on-site is usually completed within 1 day basically with these steps:

  • A hole is excavated where your tank will be installed
  • The new tank is placed ready for installation (old tank removed if applicable)
  • Agi (agricultural) pipes and drains are laid and sub-surface drippers where required for lawns. Soil is carted to skips for either removal off-site or utilised on-site for landscaping (a cost-saving option)
  • The new tank is placed into position and secured for final checks and inspection.
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